What is Central Processing Unit in a Computer (Central Processing Unit ) Definition

What is Central Processing Unit in a Computer (Central Processing Unit ) Definition

Hi, welcome to our new post in this post we will cover all the information about our title that is What is Central Processing Unit in a Computer (Central Processing Unit ) Definition. We use a short word for Central Processing Unit which is CPU.

Central Processing Unit

A unit or a component that is used for the process of the data to convert it into meaningful information.

As like in Human there is mind. Same this is the mind of a computer. and also it is called microprecessor. 

When we inter-data to computer or we can say that when we give input to the computer. Then the CPU process our data after processing it give an answer to our data or give output.

For processing the data there are many components because processing is a big task. But 2 components are the main.

Control Unit:

Control unit work with receiving input and convert that input into control signals. Also, it is called Instruction cycle.

  • Fetch the instructions: Fetch the instruction means that from where data are coming. This is the first work of the control unit.
  • Decode the Instruction: Processor has the capacity that how much data it can convert it a time. So decode means it converts the big data into pieces and it prepares data for processing.
  • Calculate the effective address: It means that when it fetches the data it notice that where it has to send the data. Means it notice the address of the data.
  • Execute the instruction: Execute means it converts the data into the complete form. For executing the data the second component of the CPU work.

Arithmetic Logic Unit:

It is a digital circuit used to perform the arithmetic and logical operations. Like addition, Subtraction and multiplication etc. And also it is called the core of the CPU.


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