What is Better HDMI or DVI | HDMI DVI vs HDMI

What is Better HDMI or DVI | HDMI DVI vs HDMI

Hi guys welcome to our new post in this post we will cover the title that is What is Better HDMI or DVI | HDMI DVI vs HDMI Here we will talk about these above post of the computer but first, I’ll cover about DVI.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface)

VGA and DVI  at this time these two are the very old ports of the computer. And nowadays in systems we they don’t put these ports. Basically, DVI comes with 3 types of connectors. DVI-I, DVI-A, and DVI-D 

Different Between DVI-I, DVI-A, and DVI-D


DVI-I carries two types of signals. Number one is a digital signal and the second one is Analog signal.


DVI-A just carry the analog signal.


It just carries digital video signals. So it is the difference between them.

I don’t go on the deep because nowadays companies do not follow this. This is used an ancient time. DVI port is little big then VGA. Now again we have HDMI so let’s see about it.


HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

This is most and very common nowadays. If we talk about HDMI 1.4 there we get multiple support. Because of it, we can send audio and video in one cable. HDMI work on digital signals it don not follow the analog signals. Because we get the best quality of colors.

Now let’s talk about HDMI 2.0. Here we get 4k Resolution at 60 Hz. It supports multi-stream and also we get 21.9 wide screen support

All these posts have available mini and micro versions. As like HDMI, Micro HDMI and, Mini HDMI. at first, we see VGA port but now it shifts to HDMI port.

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Different Between HDMI and DVI:


If you have noticed that HDMI and DVI look different from one another. HDMI is smaller as like USB port. But  (DVI) is bigger more confusing than HDMI.

Quality & refresh rates

HDMI 2.0, gives 60Hz (frames per second) at 4K resolutions, but it was limited to just 24Hz on the previous versions. But here is one another difference that HDMI supports HDCP copy protection as standard, but DVI does not support it.

In its latest adaptations, HDMI has made up for lost time to DVI as both can now be able to output 144hz at 1080p. Indeed, HDMI is currently viewed as the better choice.

DVI provides support for 144Hz, that for those ultra-high refresh rates you’ll require a double connection DVI-D link or cable.



Practically, HDMI and DVI cords are essentially identical. In case you’re looking for hardware to interface up AV gear, either at home or in the workplace or office, the most evident choice is to run with whichever link accommodates your equipment/hardware.

In the event that you require those ultra high refresh rates, your most logical option is HDMI nowadays, also a DisplayPort cable will do the same job as well.

At last it comes down to your needs. In the event that you have the choice of it is possible that, we’d prescribe/recommend plumping for HDMI. It’s all the more generally utilized, which means it’s bound to be good with any future overhauls.


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