Top 5 Best Must Have WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Best Must Have WordPress Plugins


In this post we are going to know about Top 5 Best Must Have WordPress Plugins that every website should have these plugins are totally free and it will help you to get more traffic and boost your website and more security to your website from hackers.


What is Plugin?

Plugin is actually a package of codes which we add to our website for different functions we can say it is functions which we give to our website through plugins.

If you don’t know how to install plugin in WordPress you just need to see your WordPress dashboard there you will find Plugin option when you click on plugin then you will see there add new Plugins option and then click on add new plugin after that just search there your plugin which you want to install. So let’s see “Top 5 Best Must Have WordPress Plugins”


  1. iTheme Security

The iTheme Security plugin is much important for website for blog it help it going to secure your website. This plug provide security to your website from hackers it block those IP address which try to login your web more than 5 time after 5 time when he can’t login when can’t put correct password or username this plugin will automatically block his IP address and there have many other functions in this plugin just install it and check this it so useful and it make your website secure.


  1. UpdraftPlus

Our second plugin is UpdraftPlus and it is for Backup when you install this plugin in your WordPress website then you can easily restore you website when you lose you content when your sever get crash everything you will lose but this plugin provide function of backup you can store these backups online like Google Drive or Dropbox etc and it is very easy.


  1. Contact Form 7

This is our 3rd plugin Contact us yeah every website must have page For Contact US and it is very helpful for your for your followers this plugin is way for you and to your followers that contact to each other and share his problem. Actually this plugin provide form this form you can customize as you want are you can paste any Form style.


  1. SumoMe

Now this plugin is going to Email marketing it provide function for your followers that they can register there emails in your website after registering they get notification of your new update on his email address. And this is my best plugin in this list.


  1. Yoast SEO

And the 5th plugin is for SEO ( Search Engine Otimization ) the best SEO plugin for WordPress is made by the company Yoast for those and this plugin will help you to to find best keywords to rank you website to get more traffic and also there is many other functions and this plugin will tell you about content readability about your SEO and this is the best plugin of SEO just install and check it hope you will like too as I like this and you will enjoy it just try to install.

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