Telenor Free Internet Code 2019 Free Internet Trick

Telenor Free Internet Code 2019 Free Internet Trick

Hi, guys If you are looking “Telenor Free Internet Code 2019 Free Internet Trick“, Then you are in the correct place. Today are going to discuss here that how we can use Telenor Free Internet, 

The trick that we are going to discuss from this trick you can use unlimited free internet, If you want to know if you want to use free unlimited Telenor internet then you need to follow me.

How To Get Free Internet.

First of all, you need to install My Telenor App on your mobile. You can download this application from play store or you can click here.

When you install my Telenor app you need just make an account in my Telenor app.

After that you create an account in my Telenor app you will get 2GB Free internet. But don’t worry I have a trick for this method you can use unlimited free internet of Telenor from my Telenor app.

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How to Get Unlimited Internet.

When you get 2 GB internet from my Telenor app. After that, when you consumed all the data. Then you need to follow these steps for getting again these 2 GB internet.

You need to go to your mobile setting. In setting you need to find APP

When you find app click on that and then you will need to find their My Telenor app.

After finding My Telenor app you need to click on it. After clicking there you will see Storage option.


when you see storage option click on it. Then you will see 2 option 1 Clear data and 2 Clear Chache. First you need to click on Clear CHACHE and then you need to click on Clear Data.


After that, you need to open again this app and again you need to create another account, Then you will get more 2 GB internet.


This trick Telenor Free Internet Code 2019 Free Internet Trick is for a limited time if Telnore Close this package then do not blame to me. But you need to try. If your luck work then this will work. Thank you

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