Simple Present Tense / present indefinite tense with Examples

Simple Present Tense with Examples

I sing

How we make the Simple Present Tense?
subject + auxiliary verb(Helping verb) + main verb
———– +     do or does          +      base form of verb

In this Tense there are three important exceptions:
1. Positive sentences, we do not use the auxiliary/helping verb.
2. For  3rd person singular (he, she, it), we add s with the main verb or es with the auxiliary.
3. For the verb to be, we don’t use an auxiliary/helping verb, even for questions and for negatives sentences.

  Check these examples with the main verb like

Check all these examples with having the main verb be. Notice that there is no helping verb :


How we use the Simple Present Tense?

      We use this tense when:

· Activity is general

· Activity happens constantly, or routinely/daily, previously, present or future

· Activity is not just happening now.

· Announcement is in every case genuine

Check these examples:

• I live in Pakistan.
• Moon goes round the Earth.
• John drives a car.
• He does not drive a bus.
• I do not work at night.
• Do you play Cricket?

Note: with the verb to be, we can also use this tense for situations that are not
general. We can use this tense to talk about now. Check these examples of the verb “to
be” in this —some of them are general, and some of them are now:


This lesson shows the use of the simple present
tense to talk about general events. But note
that there are some other uses for this tense, for example in conditional or if
sentences, and to talk about future. You
will learn about those later and gradually.

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