SEO, How To Boost Google Ranking, How To Improve blog Ranking

SEO, How To Boost Google Ranking, How To Improve blog Ranking

Beginning or running a blog is energizing and can be exceptionally fulfilling. It resembles beginning your organization taking control of everything. In the beginning stage of your blogging, it is extremely hard to get google rank. Without legitimate/proper SEO, you can’t rank your site it is the most troublesome piece of any blog and website. SEO will help you to get the presence in the search result and keep in mind SEO is very important. Web optimization will assist you with improving your google positioning or ranking.


What is SEO (site improvement or Search Engine Optimization)?


In this focused/competitive world, To many website are already ranked on Google and it is very hard to rank your website or blog. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are composing or writing a quality contents on your site on the off chance that you are not getting the google ranking and natural traffic from google. Here SEO assumes/play a vital role. Optimizing your blog or website you only rank through SEO by putting good keywords in your blog in your website. So than the Google rank you on the first page.


Some Tips for Improving Google Ranking.



Content is most important component in the websites or Blog and google will consider those blog who have relevant content related content with keyword according to google. In the business of the blog and website, you need a good quality content to engage the clients. If clients give the positive reaction there is a decent opportunity to get the higher google ranking.


Use Keywords:

Using of keywords is the primary concern in the post. Google crawler will rank you as per the keyword you are giving are using. If the keyword that is not the related what you have written in the website or blog. So what than google will get confuse and your content will never show with that keyword then automatically your blog or website will be going to decrease. Always Use good and related keywords with content.


Blog or site will be Mobile friendly:

Blog and site will be mobile friendly. Almost everyone use a smart phone if your website or blog is not mobile friendly then clients will visit your website, And than they will exit because your website is not mobile friendly. At that time you will see you’re your blog or website will again decrease. So, keep in mind according to my point of view this is very important step.



HTML is the body edge of your site. If you don’t have enough information about the HTML, there are numerous courses where you can take you can learn HTML coding. Coding will enable you to rank better in the google or search engine.


Web Design:

Web design is another factor, which assist you with improving your site ranking. Web design must should be unique, attractive and make sure that your design should be simple that user can go easily form page two another and your design should attract them that they stay and your website.



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