SEO 2019 – Google Website Ranking

SEO 2019 – Google Website Ranking

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Hi, buddies today we will talk about SEO 2019 – Google Website Ranking, And what changes are coming, If you learn this then your SEO will get Improve in 2019. This is the technique of update, And always try your best and learn will what I am going to discuss.  The first thing that is.

Content is the King 

This is the first and main thing that I always focus on that thing. You need to write good content which adds something to opponent life. And need to talk to the point, I saw a lot of people try to make long content and they don’t focus on the main topic on the main idea of his content and they do free writing for making long content, No you should not do this you need to focus on main idea and you need to write to the point. We have another point that is Comprehensive Guide,  It means that you need to write in depth, and you need to write your content with full detail but related to the main title. The topic that you have chooses that you are writing it should be like this that there is no one good article more than your article, If you can create like this type of content then brother Seo will automatically happen with that. You need to make good content that you people concentrate on your content, Actually, SEO is a story if get if you learn it then you will be the king of SEO. and you will be an update for a lifetime.

You need to learn the Google Business Model, That how the Google search engine work, Google earn money from ads and when Google will earn from ads, When people use Google and why people trust on google because show google gives an accurate answer. When we need something we search in google and google show us accurately and best answer. Now how Google gives the best answer because of an algorithm, Now how google or algorithm find best we need to know this thing.

If we think that Google algorithm is human, And just think human pick those things which he likes If we show those things if we provide those things which he like he will automatically pick our things. And our SEO will automatically happen. So the next point is.

On page optimization

On page, optimization means I wrote full content, But now google will index or not this is the sec main problem. Index means that Google will store our content our information or not. In content, we use H1, H2, H3, and paragraph etc. When you write something in H1 then Google will understand that this is the main title or main headings of your content. And those things which you write in H2 so it will be Sub Heading of your main heading and same for H3 it will be the subpart of subheading of your content. So it is the story of this. If we show if we write our content on this way, and Google understand your content structure well that what we are talking about and what is our heading what is our subheading. If you understand to google that my content is about this thing so this is indexing. Our next point is.



Branding is very important. I want to explain it with an example, You want to buy red buckle shoes from an online shop. When you search it in Google then Google will show you different website, But you will open those online which you know which have the good quality product and you know that this online shop will send me the same product which you want to buy and you will never open those websites who have low-quality product and you don’t trust on them. Because he has no branding. So the online shop which he has branded you will directly search his name on google. Now, this website will get brand search and for making your brand you need to engage on social media. this is the best tool for branding. You need a bit active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, After that people will know you then you will get brand search.


User Interface and User Experience

The interface means that how is your website design how it is looking, What color you have used how pictures looking in your website your pictures are good are not all these things, In short words, we can say easily that how your website looking. So these are the part of User Interface.

User Experience, Means that when someone lands in your website then how fast your website open. Is he facing the problem or not. Is your website taking more time on opening or not. Is he facing more pop up in your website or more ads? So from these things user experience get lost. Remember that Google knows everything that’s going on your website. User comes to your website through google. If user experience is not good then google will not rank and google will not give a good rate to this page. How Google will understand user experience, that the user experience is good or bad. Google will check the time of user that how much time he spends on your website or page. If a user spends more time on your page then Google will rank you more.

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Mobile Friendly

Google algorithm gives more prefer to mobile, So because of that, you need to make your website mobile optimized. Mobile optimized means that when you look your website in mobile then your user interface and user experience must be good. If your user experience and user interface are coming good then your website is mobile friendly and mobile optimized otherwise not. For making your website mobile friendly you can use AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Social Sharing

Now Google checks how many social shares are coming. If people share on social media and google give preference it means that social marketing is very important in SEO. So I suggest you that use social media and share your content on social websites. Your SEO is good and best but if you run social media hand to hand then it will be more better.



Backlinks are very important for a website. I want to explain it with the example. For example, I have 4 friends now I want to eat rice, I call my first friend and ask about rice that where I can get good rice and he gives me his idea that go there. After that, I ask from my another friend he gives me the same information same 3 and then I’ll automatically go there for getting rice because my friends tell me that there is good rice. Same if you make backlinks then Google will focus on you that you have the best content your website is the best. But peoples are doing comments they think that these are the backlinks. Yeah, these are the backlinks but in future, it will not work. If you want to make strong backlink then you need to do guest post make backlinks in the body don’t make backlink in comment body backlink are heavy backlinks. For it you can make a blog you can promote your website you can make good backlink through a blog.


So it was all about “SEO 2019 – Google Website Ranking” If you like this then must share with your friends and on social media. Thank You

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