How To Upgrade Laptop RAM And Choose Best RAM Brand

How To Upgrade Laptop RAM And Choose Best RAM Brand

Hi, guys welcome to our new post. In this post, we will learn that How To Upgrade Laptop RAM And Choose Best RAM Brand. Before starting I want to define that what is RAM. 

What is RAM?

RAM   “ Random access Memory”

RAM is the temporary memory which holds all the instruction to be executed next. Without RAM our instruction cannot go next and we will not get any output from our computer from our laptop.

Because of the advancement of technology we have different types of RAM. If you want to buy the right RAM for your laptop then you need to have knowledge of Types of RAM. And we have different types of RAM such as DDR1, DDR2 or DDR3. All types of RAM come under the SDRAM category. There is no difference between these RAM But some people differentiate by colored heatsinks or even LED lighting, but all these things are really just for show.

Types of RAM


DDR or DDR1 RAM it belongs from the first generation in technological evolution. It is described by upgraded prefetching, strobe based data bus, double transition clocking, low voltage signaling, Stub- series Terminated logic-2 etc.  DDR RAM Comes with 184 pins and it works at the highest voltage range.


DDR2 RAM gives a data transfer up to 6.4 GB per second rate.  And DDR2 works on lower voltage, and gives the much-improved performance more than the DDR1 due to the faster clocks and low voltage ( 1.8 volts) operation,


DDR3 belongs to the latest third-generation version of laptop RAM and they further improved version of DDR2 . The DDR3 RAM more improved data transfer and still with low voltage. The DDR3 RAM can transfer 6.40 GB to 17  GB  data per second.

How to check RAM capacity.

If you want to check the capacity of your RAM then you need to follow these steps.

Step 1:

When you Start your computer then you need the locate the ‘My Computer’ icon.

Step 2:

After finding the “my computer icon” you need to Right-click the ‘My Computer’ icon and select Properties from the menu that appears.

Step 3:

When you do it then look under the General tab where it gives you the information about the size of the hard disk and about your operating systems and you need to find the amount of RAM in megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB).


Which RAM brand is the best Corsair vs Kingston RAM

According to my opinion, it does not matter you need to get the cheapest fastest RAM from any of these brands Because there is no difference. I already define that, There is no difference between these RAM But some people differentiate by colored heat sinks or even LED lighting, but all these things are really just for show.

Kingston, Corsair, and also G-skill are all great brands that I mostly recommend.


How to insert RAM in the laptop

If you want to insert new RAM in your laptop then you need to follow my steps for changing the RAM of the laptop.

Open the Panel

First of all, you need to turn off your laptop if you are using your laptop now and also unplug the power adapter.

When you do this then you need to open the panel on the bottom of your laptop which covering the memory banks. (But it Depending on your system, may you need to unscrew the whole back of the laptop for accessing the memory and other components.)

Remove Memory if Necessary

now if your memory openings are now filled, then you’ll have to pull out the current DIMMs so as to replace them. for removing the memory module, you need to push apart the clips holding in place. The memory module should spring up at an angle.

After that you need to hold the memory module by its edges–but you don’t need to touch the gold connectors at the bottom, lift the module out.

 Install the New Memory

After that, you have to insert the new memory into your open slots at a 45-degree angle, but keep in mind that the gold edges facing down. you can use pressure with your fingers at the top of the modules for pushing them into it’s place.

Now it has done you have completed.


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