How To Speak Fluent English In 10 Days / Speak Fluently

How To Speak Fluent English In 10 Days / Speak Fluently

Hi buddies today we are going to talk about 4 Steps. After these 4 steps if you follow then you will see huge different in your English so let’s start it.

Whenever we see people who speak fluent English we impress from those and we think that how he or she is speaking fluent English how and why he doesn’t feel shy as like I feel. But the fluent man may you listen first time but this is not his first time to speak English fluent. You have seen many cricketer’s that they can’t speak English but slowly and gradually they start fluent English it just because of interview when they give their first interview they can’t speak English fluently. After few when interview they become fluent in English. There is no different between you and these cricketer but they get the opportunities to talk in front of media on TV. Don’t worry today I’ll show you some tips or steps that when you follow it you will become fluent in English.

Before facing real satiation I want you to face imaginary satiation after this your fluency will be better and your confident level be increase and your success chances will be increase.

Step 1

Our first step is this that you need a dairy and one pen. If you want to learn English for specific goal that you have as like job interview and visa interview then you need to create list of 14 topics for English conversation according to your goal as like you want to prepare yourself for job interview then your 14 topics can be interview Questions that these can ask in interview. If you don’t have goal or dream or you don’t have an idea about 14 topics then don’t worry I’m providing 14 general topic for you just note it.

  1. Tell about yourself.
  2. Tell about your family.
  3. What kind of person you were during childhood?
  4. Describe your job / describe your daily routine.
  5. What is your aim in life.
  6. If you want to start business, what would it to be?
  7. Which is the most memorable moment of your life?
  8. Are reality on TV, real are fake?
  9. What would you show a guest in your hometown?
  10. What is your dream job?
  11. What do you do to stay fit?
  12. If I were invisible for day, what would I do?
  13. Are machine making us lazy?
  14. If you became the president of the country, what would you to do or to change?


Step 2

Step number two every day you need to write on two topics and this should be lengthy like what is your dream job. Now you will definitely write your dream job but with this you need to write that why this is your dream job what is the reason behind it. I mean that first claim point and then prove it prove your point because of this your topic will little lengthy.


Step 3

Step number 4 now you need to revise you need to read your topics 2 time when you read your topic 2 time then read 3 time loudly but don’t see your topic it means check yourself that you have learnt this or not. Please notice that your words may not have same that you have written it can be different from one another but the whole idea should be same that you have written. If you can’t read without your form then read it again.


Step 4

Step number 4 when you learn these then practice with real person always try that the person should be strong in English that he can listen you well and he can remove he correct your mistake with it he give answer about your topic about your this is our fourth step.


If you don’t have anyone that you can practice with him then you can use CAMBLY mobile App. Even you can use HELLO ENGLISH but there you can’t share your idea but there you can practice of fluent English. Hellos English is free app but CAMBLY in one paid tools.



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