How To Rank Top On Google Boost Website Traffic

How To Rank Top On Google Boost Website Traffic


Hi today in this post we will learn How to rank top on google. If you are still searching about ranking website about SEO then stop it. Because after this post you will be able to Boost your website Traffic and you be able to rank your website top on google. So let’s get started.


SEO is the way of rank your website Belief me SEO is the King.


SEO mean’s Search Engine Optimization.


People make to much complicated SEO they says that SEO is very difficult but SEO is super easy and it is not difficult it is not a rocket science. You need to do 2(two) thing for “rank your website


  1. Put those keywords on different places in your website which you want to target


For Example :-  My website is related with IT and I want to rank IT Keyword then I need that I should put keyword in different places in my website if it is possible we should put this keyword in our domain name it is very important because when google rank any website before it google scan your whole website that your website with which category have related and for which keywords is good for rank your website. You can use keyword anywhere in your website like Title, Description and main content.


When Google scan your website google catch all keywords after that google see your keywords and then google rank your website. When someone search about related to your keywords then your website will be on the top right but make sure that don not use more keywords in your website when ever you put more keyword in different places on your website then google will think that your website is Sparm and google will never show your website on top position so make sure when google scan your website your website should not look like sparm your keyword should look like natural that your content your title your description need these keywords. This site need these keywords that’s why these keywords are there so this is very easy let’s see our sec part.


  1. Link High Quality website with your website


If you learn this you will be able that why some website get high rank and why some website get low rank.


Google haven’t have time that google check each website manually that this website is good and this website is not good and this website should be on the top and this one is not able for top. Google scan all website with it google also scan all links and google see that where this website are linked if your website are linked with high Quality website then it will get little bit boost.


For Example :-  Site A is linked with site B then google think that this website is good because it have linked  with high Quality website mean B website that why they try to rank website on top.

If site A have linked with many high Quality website then just think that how much fast website will rank on top.



What is High Quality Website?


High quality website are those website which have spend many time in Google and they did generate many links with other website.


Now how we can link our website with high quality website actually we can’t do this we ask from the high quality website that we want to link our website for free


Google trust on those website which have spend good time and google don’t trust on new website. That’s why I’m telling you that make link with high quality website not with new website or sparm websites. Remember it is just like Quality vs Quantity.


Now you don’t need to go for link your website with high quality because there is many high quality website that provide way for you that you can link your website for free. For Example ,, Google Plus, Twiter, Thumblr, Quara and  and there are many more high Quality website which allow you for

free to post your link.

When we post our link with other website or we link other website these are called backlinks for backlink you can read this Post it will be very helpful for you.



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