How To Make Money On The Side 2019 -THE TOP 10 SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS

How To Make Money On The Side 2019 -THE TOP 10 SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS

If you want to start earning money online then you are in the correct article. Hi welcome to our new article here we are going to know that How To Make Money On The Side 2019 -THE TOP 10 SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS” Before starting I want to clear one thing that if you are thinking that today I’ll start to join this field I mean that you want to start online earning from today and you will get too much money from now from the first day. Online earning is not much easy as you think but believe me that online earning is very easy if you do hard work. you will defiantly earn money but it will take struggle and patient. Struggle and hardworking is very important for success and also patient. If you have these two skills then you should start online earning from today from now. Today we will discuss here 5 way of earning money online.


Buy And Sell Domain

You can start this business from today you can buy domains online after buying you can sell these domains. But here you need a bit knowledge about domains that what domains you have to buy. and you have to think about the future what demand will come in the future. after Buying domains you can sell your domains on flippa.comFlippa is a website which allows users to sell his products. You can sell your domains your website or if you have any application then you need to go to this website and make an account there and must read their policy and privacy. You can buy domains from GoDaddy and also you can sell. But you must have the concept of that what type of domains that you need to buy, And what domain will sell fast in future.

If you are a web designer, web developer or app developer then you can sell your products and you can earn money from your products. Or also you can buy website applications at small price then you can sell on flippa.



Our second point is Freelancing, You can work is a freelancer. If we talk about the developed country as like America or other European countries there minimum 70 to 80% people doing full time or part time freelancing. Freelancing means that if you have any skill then you can sell your skill as like you are good in Adobe Photoshop, you are good you can make handsome Logo then you can sell skill. There are many websites as like and there are many more you can search in google about freelancing websites. For that, you need only skills it can be any type of skill like SEO, Web designing, Web Development, Video Editing or if you can make Animation Videos. Even if you are good in English then you write an articles and you can sell your articles.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means you sell the different product online for shops like Amazon and Clickbank these two websites are very popular for affiliate marketing. When you register with Amazon and from there you can choose different product for sell and Amazon pay you some commission when you sell the product. For selling a product you can make a blog of shopping or you can use social media. Also, you can make a video of these products and upload on YouTube. If you can make this work then you should start from now this is very easy work but you need to social in this work you need to brand. When you do it then you will sell your products too fast.


Short Link

The short link is one of my favorite method of online earning. You have seen long URL or LINKS you can short them. When you short it then you need to share it with your friends. When they will click on your short links after clicking they will face 5-second ads on your link. So because of these ads, the website or the company will pay you. So there are many websites for Short link and also you can search in Google about short links. Or you can read an article which i have published with full detail about short link work. If you want to read then click here.


Facebook Page

Yes facebook page. Now you can earn money from facebook page, If you have a facebook and you have more likes on this page then you can apply for ads. you can put ads on your facebook from these ads you can earn money. If you don’t have any facebook page then I suggest you that make a page and start this work. Because it is very easy you can rank your facebook page fast. And you can earn some real money from facebook page. Directly facebook not allow you to earn money from your page. But different company provide ads for your facebook page but you need a high ranking page for that.

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Buy And Sell

In this method, if you do not have skill then you can earn money. But you need little investment for it. I saw many people doing this job they do not have any skill but they have money for investment and they are making handsome money from this. For Example, If you have heard about OLX On OLX people buy and sell their product. You need to buy products then you can sell your product with your commission. same as OLX there are many other sites where you can sell your new and old products. Even we can say that you can run your shop online for that you can make a website for selling your products.



If you have a skill of explaining you know that you can explain well then should make your own blog and you need to write articles and published on your blog. When you write 20 to 25 articles then you can apply for Google Adsense. you can start it for free you need just go to and make a blog there or if you want to make a professional blog you can buy WordPress blog for your self. Not only you can apply for Google AdSense there is much other company that you can attach to your blog and you can earn money from a blog. The blog is not only for writing an article for the post you can give a review on a product you can sell your products and also you can attach google Adsense. From this method you can earn money from 2 sides, One from google adsense and the other is from selling products that we have already discussed above.


You can earn money from youtube. You need just you shoot video or make a video and people will come for watching your video on youtube. When you complete 4000 hour watch time and 1000 subscribers then you will be able to monetize your youtube channel after monetizing you will be able to earn money from youtube. If you can teach well then youtube is the best for you. You can do part-time or also you can use it full time and for a lifetime.


Forex Trading

Forex trading is a business you can do it is a part time or full time. But here you need investment without investment you can not earn here plus it needs high experience without experience do not do this business, You need here practical work and also people say that I earn a lot without experience do not listen to them without experience do not invest. Fist you need to understand it well then start it. You can start the course for online trading but when you start the course you need to find a good teacher which have much knowledge about trading. Because trading needs experience.


So this was all about How To Make Money On The Side 2019 -THE TOP 5 SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS If you like then share it with your friends. Thank you

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