How To Make Android App, How to Create An App Without Coding Skills

How To Make Android App, How to Create An App Without Coding Skills

Hi what are you saying “How To Make Android App, How to Create An App Without Coding Skills” Is it possible can we make an android without any skills of coding.

Yes buddy you are on the right path on the right way, Because internet provide us facility about App Maker and today in this article we will cover that How To Make Android App, How to Create An App Without Coding Skills.

Is it Possible Without Coding App Maker:

No! man it is not possible no one can make or develop an android app without coding. But here i’ll show the simple way of making android app. In this you do not need to do coding and coding will happen automatically you do not need any skill for that. You need just to follow me, I’ll do some steps and you need to do the same steps which i’m going to show.

Steps to Develop an Android App:

For making android app without coding you need to follow these steps and keep building and app without any skills without coding.

Step 1:

So the step 1 is go to website. When you open this website you will be having the same page like i have.

When you get this page now you need to click on Creat Now For Free,  After clicking on it you will get another page.

Step 2: 

In step 2 you need to choose a template for your android app. There you will find many template you can select any one in these but I’m choosing for my Website,  I mean Website template i did choose.

Step 3:

Now here is the step you can see Website URL with box in this box you need to put your Website URL. When you do it then you have to click on Go Button.

Step 4:

Here you can see short setting about your app that you are going to develop you can do this setting if you want i don’t want change this setting so i’m going Next. Now you need to click on Next button.

Step 5:

In Step 5 you will be having like this page. Now you need to write your App Name as i have written. When you write the name of your app then you need to click on next button.

Step 6:

In step 6 you will be facing page the same as like i’m facing their you need to write Description About your app after writing description then again click on next button.

Step 7:

Now you have to upload Logo/Icon for you android if you don’t have you can leave it Default Icon Than click on next Button.

Step 8:

Now your application steps have done you just need to click on CREATE when you click on create button you will get one popup message.

Step 10:

Here you can sign up through your Facebook Or E-mail I already have account i just go with Login.

Step 11:

This is the last step of Downloading or Publishing your App that you have Developed. Now you can see two Option one is Publish in Play Store and the Second one is for Download. Also you can Scan the BAR Code after scanning your application will start downloading in your smart Phone.

And this the Application that i have developed and your App will be like that

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