How To Index Backlinks On Google 2019 – Learn SEO

How To Index Backlinks On Google 2019, Learn SEO

If you are a blogger and you are running your site, it may on blogger or on WordPress and you write a post or an article, and than you have maded some backlinks for that post or for that an article, But now you can not indext then you are on the correct place.

Hi, guys today we going to discuss about our title that is “How To Index Backlinks On Google 2019, Learn SEO” if we see before 2019 the indexing of backlinks was very easy. We just make backlinks and then just submit it into google indexer for indexing our backlinks, And we easily get success for index our backlink in 2 minutes, But now Google totally block the system now we can’t index our backlinks directly in Google. Before 2019 we were able to index our posts and also backlinks but now google update their systems and it do not allow us for index our backlink, Now it just allow us for index our post.


Why we need backlinks?

When we indext our article our post to Google, we tell that i have these inforamation about this keyword, When some search in google, Then the google can show our an article our post to user who are searching for the information, When google show you article, Now we don’t know that on which number on which page google will show our article. For this reason we make backlink that we can improve our website or rank on first page of google.

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Why we need index backlinks?

The question is this that why we need of indexing the backlink, Because google algorithm Will show those website on his first page who have more backlinks, We know about backlink that how much it is important for a website we just disscused it that why we need backlinks, Now you made backlinks for your website how google will know about your backlink that you have maded a backlink for your site. Google will take time for getting you backlink from there that you have backlink from that site. For telling to google that I have backlink from that site we index our backlinks as like we indext our post our an article for telling to google that i have these information.

How to index backlinks?

As you know that Google did change their system we can not easlly indext our backlink as like first we did as like we are indexting our post or an articles. But here is one solution of indexing our backlinks fast in google for this you need to follow me.

  1. Go to and make one blog. don’t think about the name or address of the blog. This blog is temporary.
  2. When you mad blog then you need to link your blog with Google Webmaster.
  3. When you link you blog with google webmaster, Then your work is start here.

screenshoot of backink of ittrafic

Just check the above picture I’m making backlink when I click on Add Comment Button, Then it will give one link.

screenshoot of backink of ittrafic 2

Now you need to copy this link when you then save this link with. After this when you make 10 or 12 backlink and save your backlinks links then open your blog that  you have mad it temporary.

  1. Now you need to start new post in your blog.
  2. When you start when you click on new post then paste all the links of your backlinks that you have saved.
  3. when you paste all the link then you need sellect all links one by one and click on Link button as like show bellow in picture .
  4. blog index ittrafic
  5. When you did every thing then you need publish your post in blog.
  6. When you publish then index you post in Google webmaster. But keep in mind when you submit your post for indixing in google then you need to choose Crawl this URL and its directs link. as like you can see in below picture.

index backlink post indexting of blog ittrafic

Now you need to wait fou couple minutes it will index fast. So this was our topic that How To Index Backlinks On Google 2019 – Learn SEO If you have any Question then please ask me in comment section if you like then share this post with your friend.


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