How To Increase Website Ranking in Google 2019

How To Increase Website Ranking in Google 2019

How To Increase Website Ranking in google ittrafic

Hi if you want to start blogging or you have start blog and you want to know how to increase website ranking in Google 2019 And here we will discuss that what you will need to do for rank your site with full detail and here we will discuss 5 to 6 things that are very important and it’s a high level if we talk about low level then in these 5 to 6 things that we are going to discuss it have more 5 to 6 things in low level. So here we will talk about 5 to 6 things, not in the low-level high level that is very important for every blogger


The First Thing is Budget:

the first thing that I recommend for you that is budget. If you have started blogging or you want to start a blog then you need little budget for your blog, Because if we see about free tools that are good but if talk about good tools that needs buy these tools are the premium tools we need to buy these tools.

For Example:

If I talk about Google Adword  keyword planner tools that are awesome but if we just look about Ahref  that is more awesome then google adword keyword planner, Because when I search keyword in google keyword planner then it gives me an answer about that keyword, When I search the same keyword in Ahref it give different result. But if we talk about accuracy then Ahref is good then Google Adword because Ahref gives the result with full details, So that was about the budget that how it is important.



I wanna talk here about the budget that first I explained the budget because when we start blogging the first thing which we have to do that is keyword, If we have to rank our website then we need good and strong kewyord cause keyword is the big bone of the website, Anyone who search in the google or anywhere that is called keyword, So because of it you need to find proper keyword that user search more in google. The keyword is starting or our blogging or an article if our starting is wrong then definitely our upcoming steps will go wrong. For keyword searching, I recommend you that you need to use paid or premium tools.

If we talk about keyword their is 3 things.

  1.  Searching Performance
  2. Competition
  3. Bid or CPC

1: Searching Performance:  

Number first thing is searching performance we need to focus on searching performance according to our performance according to our budget, If you can rank high-performance keyword then you can choose but the high searching keywords are little strong for ranking Because most people work in high searching performance keyword. if you select low searching keyword then you can easily rank, Here you need to focus one more thing that is called Competition.

2: Competition:

If any keyword has high searching performance then check competition of this keyword mostly people work for high searching keywords, That’s why I told you that you need to pick a low searching keyword, not too much low it must have 1k search per month, These type of keywords have low competition and you need to always work with low competition then you can rank your website well. After Searching performance and competition we need to focus on bid of Ads.

3: Bid or CPC:

the 3rd thing that we are discussing that is CPC. If you go for high CPC then you will face difficulty. But it depends on you if you can rank high CPC then you can choose, Because people work for low CPC and for High CPC, But there is little difference those people who work for high CPC they do more struggle for ranking other then low CPC, If you want to work for high CPC then you need must have the skill of Struggle not only struggle more struggle. But in low CPC if you just struggle than you can rank easily.


First, you need to check keyword searching performance then you need to check competition if competition is low then you need to check CPC of ads the CPC totally depends on you if you can do more struggle than you can choose high bid CPC if you are confused then you need to pick low CPC.


now we are here for content, now you did choose a keyword for content, Suppose our keyword is How To Increase Website Ranking” now you need to search this keyword in google. When you search this keyword in google you will be having many articles on google now we will not check number first position article about How To Increase Website Ranking Because we can’t beat it we need to pick an article between 5 to 10 for beating then, For Example, I pick 10 positions an article for beating now I need to check his article that how many words are there and how many pictures he used in this article, Because we have to beat him and we need to write better article more than his article. If he put 1000 words in his article we will have to add we have to put 1500 words in our article if he added 2 pictures in his article we need to add 3 or 4 pictures in our article, You need to write a better article then his article, Then you can beat him, If he has 10 backlinks then you have to make 15 backlinks.


On-Page Seo:

when you write an article then we have another thing that is On-Page SEO But here I’ll not explain on page SEO because this article is going very long and most people don’t like the long article. After on-page SEO, we have another thing that is called Off-Page SEO,  Same like on-page SEO I can’t explain off-page SEO, I’ll write an article about these two topics with an explanation but you need to keep in touch.



After writing an article you need to index your article in google that this article is your property that Google can show your article when someone searches about matching keyword that you have used in your article. For indexing, you can use different tools you can use Google Webmaster or Ping Tool. After indexing, you need to Track or to check your an article that your article is an index or not in Google, Google show you article in searching list or not. If Google shows your article in searching list then your article is an index, After indexing your article you need to check your backlinks of an article.



After indexing your an article you need to make backlinks for your an article, Now you need to check your competitor that how many backlinks he has 10 backlinks you need to make 15 backlinks. For checking of backlinks of your competitor that how many backlinks he has for this keyword, you need to use paid tools like Ahref.  After these things you need to track you need to check your article position in google, And regularly you need to check your an article in google that your an article is upcoming are going down. If your an article is going down in Google search list then you need to modify your an article.


So this is the cycle of Website or an article of ranking, For ranking your site your article you have to maintain this cycle after maintaining this cycle you can rank well. It is not easy but when you do it for one time then you will get that what is that and how I can maintain it. So these are the 5 and 6 things that will help you to rank you in Google that will help you that How to boost Website Traffic.


First, you need to have some budget for your site then need to find proper keyword after keyword you need to write a good article after good article then you need to do On-Page SEO with this you need Of-page SEO, After that, you have to index your an article. after these things, you need to be passiant for this for ranking on google.

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