Future perfect continuous tense

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

 Future perfect continuous tense

 I will have been playing


How we make the Future Perfect Continuous Tense?


Here is the structure of  future perfect continuous tense:


subject + helping verb WILL + helping verb HAVE + helping verb BE + main verb
will have been base + ing


In this tense for negative sentences we just insert not between will and have, And for interrogative sentences, we only need to exchange the subject and will. Here we have some example sentences with the future perfect continuous tense:


sentences subject helping verb helping verb helping verb main verb
+ I will have been working for fifty minutes.
+ You will have been driving for one day.
She will not have been using the bus.
We will not have been waiting for you long.
? Will you have been playing cricket?
? Will they have been watching movie?


We often contract the subject and helping verb, When we speak Future perfect continuous tense.

Here we have some examples:

I will I’ll
you will you’ll
he will he’ll
she will she’ll


it will it’ll
we will we’ll
they will they’ll


For negative sentences in this tense, we often contract with won’t, like this:


I will not I won’t
you will not you won’t
he will not he won’t
she will not she won’t
it will not it won’t
we will not we won’t
they will not they won’t

How we use the Future Perfect Continuous Tense?

We use this future perfect continuous tense to talk about a long action a long state, Here we have these examples:


  • I will have been working here for six years next
  • Saba will be tired when he arrives.
  • Fahad will have been traveling for


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