Future Continuous Tense with Examples

Future Continuous Tense with Examples


 I will be playing


How  we make the Future Continuous Tense?


Here is the structure of the future continuous tense:

subject + Helping verb + Helping verb + main verb
will be base + ing

In negative sentences in future continuous tense, we need to add not between the two helping verb will and be. And for interrogative sentences, we have to exchange the subject and will. Here we have some example sentences with the future continuous tense:

Sentence  subject auxiliary verb auxiliary verb main verb
+ I will be playing at 10am.
+ You will be working next day.
She will not be using the mobile.
We will not be having lunch at home.
? Will you be playing cricket?
? Will they be watching movie?

We often contract the subject and will when we speak future continuous tense, Here are some examples:

I will I’ll
you will you’ll
he will

she will

it will




we will we’ll
they will they’ll

In negative sentences in the future continuous tense we contract will not with won’t see this examples:

I will not I won’t
you will not you won’t
we will not we won’t
he will not he won’t
 she will not  she won’t
it will not it won’t
they will not they won’t

How we use the Future Continuous Tense? 

The future continuous tense expresses action or state at a particular moment about the future. Action will be start before the moment but it will not have finished at that moment. Here are the exaamples, tomorrow I will start playing at 2pm and stop playing at 4pm:

At 3pm tomorrow, I will be playing.
past present future
At 3pm, I will be in the middle of playing.

When we talk we use the future continuous tense, our listener understands that what time we are talking about. Here we have some


  • I will be playing football at 10am
  • They won’t be watching movie at 9pm
  • What will you be doing at 10pm tomorow?
  • What will you be doing when I call you?
  • She will not be sleeping when you text
  • We ‘ll be having lunch when the film
  • Take her umbrella. It will be raining when he
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