Free Domain 2019 – How to Get Free Domain – whois domain

Free Domain 2019 – How to Get Free Domain – whois domain

Hi, guys welcome to our new post today in this post we will cover How to Get Free Domain – Free Domain 2019 If you want to start a blog or a website and you are searching for the free domain name then you are on the correct place. After reading the post hope you will never search again for a free domain. Before going to start I want to clear something about a free domain.

What is Domain?

Domain name is actually an address what people search in google to get your website. It is your website address on the internet, So this is your domain,

In simple words, a website is your home and address of your home is a domain.


Free hosting might have the following issues –

  1. Unexpected downtime.
  2. Security issues it can be.
  3. Your site speed may be less.
  4. And the most important thing is this, you will not get technical help from the free hosting service provider.

But for you can use this domain for learning purpose you can learn from it.

How to get a free domain?

for a free domain name, you need to go to When you open this website it will look like it.

now you need to search domain name for your website like I am going to search their my website name when we search there we will get different types of domain names.

Like that, you can see I searched about ittrafic and it showed me different types of domains, you can choose their free domain name and also you can choose a paid domain name for your site. When you choose a domain name for your site then you will need to click on Get it now. When you click on get it now then you will see like this types of page.

After that, you need to click on checkout. When you click on it you get a new page like that.

Now you can see the time period of your domain name. You can change it from 3 months to 12 months. You just need to click on it after clicking you will see their 12 months for free just select the 12 months and then you need to click on continue button. When you click on continue button you will get a new page like.

After that, you need to signup here for getting your domain name. you can sign up here using your Facebook account or google.

So this is the way of getting a free domain if you have any type of Question you can ask in comment section thank you.


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