English Writing Skills Learn How To Write On Any Topic

English Writing Skills Learn How TO Write On any Topic


Hi what’s up guys today we are going to learn that how we can improve our “English Writing Skills Learn How TO Write On any Topic” So this is our topic for today and we going to learn it.

Why I choose this Topic?

I see many people that they asked a Question that when we start writing then we can’t choose any idea Topic comes in our mind but we can’t write on the selected topic so the answer is so simple.

If you have notice something that if we prepare any topic then we can write but if we don’t prepare then some time topic come in our mind but we can’t write so just think why this topic come your mind why we choose topic that we don’t have knowledge about it. I’m explain two words here for better understanding the one is Brains Storming and the second is Mind Maping.


What is Brain Storming?

We can say the storming means Sifting. If we haven’t read about the topic we must have listen the topic before that’s why our mind have chooses this topic otherwise our mind will not choose this topic. If you have seen the movies SLUM DOG Milliner in this movie a little boy win the prize how because he giving the answers by his past experiences all those thing which have happened with him in these things he was just picking the all answers very easy very simple.

You can you have knowledge about every topic it’s not the reason that you haven’t read no if you haven’t read you already have listen you already have experience about it you have a lot knowledge but for these knowledge we need to Brain storming means we need to focus on our mind like we use filter because of filtration we get pure things and waste thing that we don’t need this filter remove all these. So we can say brain storming is filtration of our mind we just need to focus then ideas will come it may come unscientifically but idea will come must when ideas come then we need mind map so let’s explain mind map.


What is mind Map?

First just see the mind map picture then you can understand better.

It mean we need to put the main topic on the center and all the relative idea that comes in our mind we need to put all these around on main title means the sub-ideas we need to write around on our main title then it will make map.


If you set and start brain storming then many ideas will come in your mind first you set empty and them many relative ideas came in your mind. I want to say that ideas are co-related with one another there is no single things every things are related with one another.


First you need brain storming and then you need to make mind map when you done mind map I mean when you write all the relative ideas then what next now it done you get a huge data. First you will make mind map and then you will make list off all these ideas but keep in mind that all these ideas that you have written it is unscientific. Now you just need to write the unscientific ideas in scientific form means arranging the ideas. It so easy but it need practice when you start writing then it become so simple.

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