Download Tik Tok App 2019 – Download Tik 2019 Latest New Version

Download Tik Tok App 2019 – Download Tik 2019 Latest New Version

Hi buddies, In this post, we are going to know about Download Tik Tok App 2019 – Download Tik 2019 Latest New Version“. Tik Tok is a social network or an application in which you can create and share fun music videos with your friends, family, and with your followers. To use this tik tok application, you need to create an account, which takes just a few seconds and can be completed through Instagram, Facebook, or also Google. First of all, I want to share the history or tik tok application.


History of  Tik Tok

This application was launched by Chines company ByteDance on September 2016. This application was developed on 200 days and also this application got 100 million members in 1 year. and the everyday user watches more than 1 billion videos. Tik Tok application has application have one another name which is Douyin but this name used in China for this application. When ByteDance lunched tik tok this was just for China. After September 2017 they provide this application for other countries. On 23rd January 2018 tik tok got #1 rank on mobile app download on Thailand and also some other countries.

On United State, this Tik Tok application got 80 million downloads and 800 million downloads in the whole world.


Features and tools

In this Tik Tok application, you have a variety of options when you want to create music videos. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of songs and also you can use a bunch of tools for personalizing your video: from virtual stickers to camera speed controls (so that the images pass more quickly or slowly).

Download tik tok

You can download tik tok from different apps store. Tik Tok has more than 50 versions. The latest version of the Tik Tok is  9.9.5. They provide the new version of the Tik Tok today on 28 Jan 2019. If you want to download tik tok the new version of the tik tok then click here on Tik Tok

If you want to download the different version of the tik tok then click Her.


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