2 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

2 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

Hi guys today in this Article we will discuss 2 best way to earn money online you can earn money with these simple ways Of course you need hard work if you are beginner then you need good hard work if you have already information about earning if you have little skill of working online then it will be easy for you.  It is not to easy that you earn 100000 ( 1 lakh or 1 croad ) in single day or in few days  no it’s not possible you need struggle you need hard worker you need to spent good time then you will able according to my point of view at least 2 to 4 month you should not think about earning you just need to do hard work then earning will be possible. So let’s see the 2 best ways that we have to discuss.


Before starting our main topic I want to tell you that if you want to earn money online you need to have these skills for earning because without these skills you will not be able to earn money these are very important for life for survive even for doing earn money online.


  1. Consistency
  2. Hard Work
  3. Patience
  4. Keep Learning


if you don’t have these skills these words then you can’t success many peoples come and then went they haven’t get anything just they waste their time and then gone but one thing that they get which is these skills that no one can success without these skills to it is very must you need to be Consistency, Hard worker, Patience and keep learner then it will be very easy for you so let’s start our main topic.

 1  Article Writing


If your English is strong and your writing is skill is good then this is golden way for you because you need just write article on different topic on different category on different website.


  • Hubpages.com
  • Squideo.com
  • About.com
  • Ehow.com


You need simply register with these website and you need to write article in these website but you need little experience for it just go there and check these website their description their policy. With it you have to write an article you don’t need to copy paste work if you do copy paste they will block you for permanent just write your own article and make your good brand or value in market so be careful and think for long time then you will earn strong money from it.


2 .Freelancing


In this field to much people earn and to many people comes in this field you can do freelancing if you have skills if you can do any good work like Graphic designing, logo Designing, Video editing etc. Not just designing anything any type of category. There is many website like.


  • Upwork
  • Fiver
  • Freelance
  • 99 Design
  • PeoplePerHour



When register then will need to write something about yourself that which skills  do you have and what you can do after writing description about your about your skill then these website will provide you order then you will need to complete his order then you will submit this is work just simple but look simple it is not to easy it will take time and you need to be having good skills if you can do good work then these will like you and they will give you more order when you submit 5,6 order and they check you that you are good in your work then keep enjoying it will be very helpful.


Listen carefully first 1 or 2 months you may not get any order because your profile will be empty when you get order when you submit your work then your profile will be go upstairs your profile will be stronger after completing your orders if you haven’t did any order then be patient. It is like a shop and you are a shopkeeper if you prove good quality then your client will come again and they will client for you so keep providing good quality


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